Helestra Smart Control

What is Helestra Smart Control?

Helestra Smart Control gives you full control of your light. Switch, dim, control and configure with your Smartphone and tablet (iOS or Android), Apple Watch and/or existing switches and push-buttons in your home.

Don't just use your luminaires in the conventional way. Expand the possibilities of your luminaires. With Helestra Smart Control you can

  • switch and dim individual luminaires
  • form groups of luminaires and control them together
  • save scenes with multiple luminaires to create the right athmosphere for any  situation
  • manage your lighting based on a time schedule or certain events
  • include sensors into your network

Which luminaires can be upgraded to Helestra Smart Control?

We offer Helestra Smart Control for a large and growing number of products. Look for the Casambi symbol. All luminaires with this symbol are optionally available with the integrated Smart Control unit.


How does it work?

Helestra Smart Control is based on Casambi, a smart lighting solution based on the Bluetooth 4.0 standard and indipendent of any single lighting manufacturer.

Most important for you, this is not an isolated solution, but a standard technique also available for luminaires of third party manufacturers.

To use Helestra luminaires with Casambi control, you only need the Casambi-App. Additional hardware (like the Hue Bridge or Zigbee Gateways) is not required. The configuration is done with your smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android).

Get the free Casambi App here:

Download (Apple iOS)

Download (Android)


More Details about the Casambi system are available at www.casambi.com