Bathroom lighting

a unique challenge

You look pale in the morning, and the wrinkles seem even deeper than before? There are a number of possible reasons for this!

One possibility is bad lighting in your bathroom! Poor luminaire position, low quality LEDs or the wrong light color can ruin your start of the day.

To make sure you have a great start of the day, and your bathroom becomes your personal wellness heaven, we created a unique range of Helestra bathroom luminaires, with specific focus on perfect lighting for bathrooms and toilets.


Large light areas

The greater the lit surface, the smaller the shadows. Small spotlights result in deep shadows and unfavourable light streaks. To avoid this, our collection features many wall and ceiling luminaires with large light areas, lighting the entire room smoothly and creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Great light output

For hygiene or make-up it is important to see all the details. Helestra bathroom luminaires are equipped with powerful LED lightsources, so you don't miss anything.

Best light quality

Especially when applying make-up, the quality of light has a special significance. Only a luminaire, which emits light containing all the spectral colors of sunlight, lets colors appear natural. This is why we pay attention to always using LED with high color rendering index (CRI). So the reflection in the mirror does not appear more pale than you.

Pleasant light color

Every bathroom should also be a comfort zone. This is only possible if the right light is in place to support this. Therefore, warm and pleasant light colors are a must in all our products.

High protection class (IP)

If there is water nearby, electric appliances should be well protected. That's why all Helestra bathroom luminaires are designed to have a protection class of at least IP44. Safe use is assured in all situations.

Cleaning friendly surfaces

Even and accessible surfaces are especially important in bathrooms. Steam, open windows, hairspray, etc. create unique conditions for items in the bathroom. Our luminaires are designed in such a way that they are safe, comfortable and easy to clean at any time.


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